Specialty Shoot – CD Cover

I have had the opportunity over the past decade to do a lot of photography. All kinds of shoots,  babies, children, families, High School Seniors, Engagements, Weddings, even pets. Recently I received a call from a Punk Rock Band that wanted me to shoot images for their CD Cover. So glad I said yes! We had a great time. We went a  few days prior to the shoot to downtown Phoenix to “scope” out some good locations. We decided, after a few slices of pizza, on 3 locations. We met a few nights later around 9:00 pm and headed downtown for the shoot. It took a couple hours but we got the job done. The CD is being release in November and I am very excited to see my photos on it. The band is We,Beloved. they are a 3 piece up-beat rock band with punk rock influences. One of the of the best things about this band, (besides their music) is that they are on a mission to help others. They donated money from their 1st release to build a well in Sierra Leone Africa and are planning on continuing the act of “giving back”. If you can, check out their website at www.webelovedmusic.com



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